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Japanese Beauty Foot Care Logo Wonderful Review from our customer in USA, with purchase of Sawara Wooden Foot Bath with handles - from Kiso

Sawara Wooden Foot Bath with handles
"I couldn't be more happy with my purchase at the Japanese Beauty Store! The foot soak is handcrafted with so much skill, care, and heart. I was so impressed with its quality when the foot soak arrived. It was carefully wrapped and the shipping box was labeled with a "fragile" sign. The rim of the foot soak is carefully sanded and it provided such a nice feel on the hand when lifting the bucket by the handle. The sawara wood gives out a beautiful aroma, and it intensifies when the soak is filled with hot water. With the hot steam and earthy scent, it creates a very calming and relaxing moment for relaxation. My husband and I had already enjoyed it many times before bed and it definitely contributed to a good night sleep. However, what I didn't expect from this purchase was the outstanding customer service Emiko had provided. I had so many questions about the foot soak in the beginning and Emiko answered them one by one for me very patiently. She even went out of her way and took me pictures of her own wash bowl which is made from the same material and let me see the material in real life and its quality after 3 years of usage. Emiko also included a personal note and handmade origami swan in my shipping package together with the foot soak. It added such a nice touch to the entire purchasing experience. I would definitely recommend the wooden foot bath to friends and families who is looking for high quality handcrafted Japanese woodwork for relaxation. And Emiko's custom service will make the purchase a very delightful experience! "

Bridget from USA


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